It's Time to Take Notice

It's ok with us if NMSU hasn't yet made your short lists while considering graduate or postdoctoral institutions. We don't mind flying under the radar, because that's exactly where a lot of exciting things have been happening. Ours is an institution with a unique campus community, a rich history, and a bright future. If you haven't considered NMSU before, then now is the time to take notice. With an extraordinary rate of growth for a 130-year-old research institution, we can't stay under the radar much longer!

A Department Built for Discovery

For decades, the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry has been home to outstanding scholars. Our faculty are leaders, Including an Editor-in-Chief of The International Journal for Ion Mobility Spectrometry and a founding member of the International Society for Ion Mobility Spectrometry, and the director of New Mexico INBRE, part of NIH's IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence. Clearly, our department fosters scholarship and leadership in science and technology. Young scientists are taking notice, which is why three new faculty members brought their research programs to the department in 2020. NMSU's research facilities for studying molecular sciences, both within the department, and elsewhere on campus, are second to none. This is part of the reason why NMSU has ranked No. 1 in the nation in science and engineering funding for minority-serving institutions.

A Bold Community of Scholars

BE BOLD. Shape the Future. That's our motto at NMSU, and we're living up to it. We know that truly shaping the future requires large collaborative efforts, and our campus is built to support just that. From the Physical Science Laboratory to the Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research, and countless other multi-disciplinary facilities and collaborative efforts, NMSU wears our commitment to collaborative science on our sleeves. To broaden our reach, NMSU has recently announced an initiative to promote joint-appointments with Los Alamos National Lab. NMSU offers opportunities to push the frontiers of virtually any pressing research challenge, all you have to do is join our bold community of scholars.

Rich History, Bright Future

Academia is steeped in tradition. Our connection to the past is one of the things many academics love about our careers. At NMSU, our history is defined by more than 130 years of discovery and contributions form individuals who redefined their fields. NMSU's Department of Astronomy has been the home of Clyde Tombaugh (pictured above), who discovered Pluto, Reta Bebe, manager of the Voyager missions to Jupiter and Saturn, and Alan Hale, co-discoverer of the Hale-Bop comet. Former Chemistry & Biochemistry professor, Joe Wang pioneered the field of electrochemistry and founded the journal Electroanalysis. The first polyomavirus was discovered by NMSU alumna Sarah Stewart, and pioneer in the field of chemoreception Rose Marie Pangborn was also an NMSU alumna. Today, we're building the history that future generations will look back on, and you can be a part of it.